Housekeeper/Cook: Binta Coly

Binta has worked for us for almost 4 years since we first came to Senegal. We are a family of four  and Binta does all of the cleaning and laundry as well as going to the market. She also cooks 4-5 nights a week and runs errands, like taking clothes to dry cleaners. She is dependable and honest and takes direction well. When we first hired her, she didn’t have much experience cooking Western dishes, but she can pick up a recipe you show her one time.  She also reads French and can follow a recipe from a French language cookbook.  She speaks French and several African languages. For us, this worked well as we both speak French and our children practiced their French. She was also always available to babysit in the evenings as needed. For more information, feel free to contact me at or contact her directly at 77 6316164.  She will be available for work starting June 12.