Housekeeper/Cook: Elise

Elise has worked for me since July 2015 as housekeeper and cook. She currently works for me full time but previously worked for me part time and worked for another American part time. Prior to July 2015, she worked for an American couple full time. She is Senegalese, from The Casamance and speaks French and Wolof. She is also Christian and will buy and cook pork dishes if you’d like. I do not speak French or Wolof but I have communicated with her just fine (many thanks to Google) as have multiple family members that have visited and spent time with Elise during the day while I worked. I have absolutely no complaints about Elise and recommend her without hesitation. She has great attention to detail and is very thorough in her work. She is an excellent cook and can make American dishes too. She is very honest, punctual, meticulous and has been a tremendous addition to my time in Senegal. I depart at the end of June and Elise will be available then. I can also go back to having her part time until I leave and share her with someone else needing her to start before I depart. I’m available at 77 740 4422 or You can also contact Elise at 77 511 7399.