Cook/Nanny: Henriette Tine

Henriette has been working for us since September 2016 as our full-time cook, part-time nanny and limited housekeeper. Henriette is an excellent cook; a selection of her culinary knowledge includes Senegalese, Moroccan, Tunisian, Italian, and American dishes. She can follow any menu (in French of course) and will propose a weekly menu of dishes. She is attentive, clean, kind, and honest. Henriette’s part-time nanny duties include getting our 6 and 3 year old kids ready for school, and preparing breakfast and snacks for them. She’s also responsible for all laundry and ironing. She does a good job with these tasks as well but by far, her outstanding asset is her cooking.  Henriette will be available for full-time work starting June 8, 2017.  Prior to September 2016, Henriette worked for another American family. You’re welcome to contact Henriette Tine directly at 77 421 5879. I’m available at 77 740 7906 or and her prior employer – Insaf at 78 473 5459.