Housekeeper/Cook: Alima

Alima is our current part-time housekeeper, and she has been with us since August 2015. She looking for another part-time job and has two free weekdays – Tuesday and Thursday. She may also be open to working on Saturdays if you need someone more than twice a week. Alima is reliable, honest, hardworking and excellent with children. She is a very capable housekeeper and always willing to help us with whatever we need.

Last summer, we provided cooking lessons to familiarize her with American dishes, and she continues to learn new dishes as we introduce them to her. Her cooking skills have grown considerably and we’ve been impressed with her willingness to try her hand at preparing new foods and cuisines. As well, she completed the domestic training course offered by the U.S. Embassy that also includes food safety and preparation.

My wife and I would strongly recommend her and I encourage contacting her before the influx of new arrivals come in June. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Roy Geiser at or Nancy Magnus at