Travel review: Bazouk du Saloum

Bazouk du Saloum

The Saloum Delta is one of Senegal’s most picturesque and biologically diverse areas, definitely worth a visit during your tour.  There are very few places on the delta that can beat Bazouk du Saloum for value and ease.

Check out this video if you don’t believe it:

The hotel is located near the village of Mar Lodj, on a large island in the delta. There are no cars on the island, so you need to take a boat to get there. It sounds complicated, but it is quite simple. (see directions below)

The hotel itself is a series of simple bungalows; it’s neither too luxurious nor too rustic. The beds are simple, with mosquito nets and comfortable sheets. The bathrooms are small, but adequate. There is no hot water, but it is hardly missed. The ocean breeze keeps the rooms cool, but there are no air conditioners, so this might not be the best “hot-season” hotel. We went in March, and the weather was cool and perfect.

There aren’t too many food options other than the hotel, so the full board (breakfast/lunch/dinner) is recommended.  But the food was delicious! Lots of fresh seafood mixed for the main course and fresh fruit for dessert, each with a unique blend of traditional Senegalese flavors and unique modern combinations. For example, one dessert was a grapefruit custard; creamy and fresh, sweet with little bits of sour pulp. They have a full bar, and despite being far from the nearest grocery store, the prices were all very reasonable (1,000cfa for a 1.5 liter bottle of water; 9,000cfa for a bottle of wine; 1,500cfa for bottle of beer).

There is plenty to do around the resort besides lounging.  They have fishing poles and a dock that leads right over the salty water.  There are kayaks and small boats. They can arrange fishing or bird watching tours. They also have a small beach area with fine, silty sand, perfect for building giant sand castles. They have a ping pong table and a trampoline for the kids.  But maybe best of all are the hammocks and comfortable chairs strewn about the property, perfect for finishing your book or watching the current sweep the water to and from the ocean.

The hotel’s website is easy to use and have a booking form which quickly results in an email back from the owner. She speaks French and English.

Getting there:
Take the N1 south, passed Mbour, heading towards Fatick. Just passed the town of Thiadiay, make a right hand turn, and head towards Dangane.  It is paved the whole way, dotted with villages. Except for the many speedbumps, it is a smooth ride the whole way and takes about two and a half hours from Dakar. Once you get to the end of the road, you be motioned to park on the side of the road by the guardian. This is where you’ll leave your car. You can pay him 1,000cfa per day for the privilege of hanging out with your car.  The pirogue driver will meet you here, and help you to the boat (there are two boat times, 12noon and 5pm, though they will wait for you if you are running late).