Employment: Secondary Office Manager (ISD)

Position Description:

The Secondary School Office Manager runs the administration of the Secondary School under the direction of the Secondary School Principal and the Assistant Principal.  S/he also assists the Curriculum Coordinator, IB Coordinator and both the MS and HS Counselors. S/he liaises with the Finance, HR and Procurement offices on a daily basis.

Candidates must be available during the academic school year, August 2017 through mid-June 2018 and will schedule breaks during school vacation times.


Assistance to the Secondary School Principal

  • Manages calendar and access to Principal;
  • Communicates with parents and students in French and English on behalf of Principal and IBDP Coordinator;
  • Drafts communications to parents and faculty on behalf of Principal;
  • Monitors all Secondary School budgets;
  • Manages local procurement for Secondary School Office;
  • Maintains open door and open communication environment for Principal,
  • Provides timely responses to concerns from parents on behalf of the Principal;
  • Reporting during faculty meetings;
  • Maintaining cash for a variety of student and faculty initiatives and accounting for these;
  • Liaising across the school with other departments for and on behalf of the SSP and his leadership team;

Assistance to Coordinators, Counselors and Tech Director

  • Liaison with Procurement, Finance and HR;
  • Calendars and meetings;
  • Reporting IB meetings;
  • IB Diploma exam data analysis;
  • Assignment of lockers;
  • Administration of PD requests, payments and purchases;
  • Administrative assistance for graduation;
  • Administrative assistance in reporting;
  • Administrative assistance in maintaining student/parent information in student information system;
  • Translation;
  • Administrative assistance in attendance record keeping in student information system.

Field Trip Administration

  • Backstopping logistics and finance for all WWW trips;
  • Communication and being on call with parents and service providers during WWW trips;
  • Administration of parental permission for WWW and any other school trips.

Substitute Teacher Administration

  • Manage absence of faculty and staff;
  • Contact substitute teachers in daily and timely manner to avoid any loss of teaching time;
  • Administer and document absences;
  • Assist in recruitment of substitute teachers;
  • Keep adequate records for payment of substitutes;
  • Liaise with HR for substitute payment.


  • Excellent verbal and written communication;
  • Strong interpersonal skills especially in terms of cross cultural communication;
  • Strong knowledge of budgeting, accounting and procurement;
  • Strong knowledge of IB administrative requirements;
  • Strong knowledge of student information systems, curriculum software and scheduling;
  • Excellent organizational skills;
  • Strong language skills, in particular French.

Interested applicants should send a letter of interest and resume to recruiting@faculty.isd.sn

Applications must be submitted by April 22, 2017