House sitting in July-August in Dakar

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Are you going on vacation in July and August? Would you like a trusted family of colleagues and friends to take good care of your place, keep your house plants watered and healthy and give some tender loving care to your pets, while you’re away, either for the entire time or just a part of it?

We’re a USAID Tandem Foreign Service family, with one adorable, five year old son – looking for quality time with his grandparents, making our way to Senegal on R&R this summer, arriving about mid-July and staying until about mid-August, three weeks to a month. We’re looking for a place to call home while we’re in Dakar. We are excellent caretakers and loving pet protectors who know all the vets in town. 

If you are also looking, we are currently posted in New Delhi, India and have a very nice house, about 15 minutes from Embassy New Delhi, a couple of hours from the Taj Mahal, a short drive to the shopping and history of Rajasthan and the wonders of Incredible India and we’d be more than willing to house swap. 

Either way, if you’re looking for a top quality house sitter, please send us a note or give a call to Michael Satin at or Tel +91 98990 91880. We can provide references of folks at US Embassy Senegal upon request. 

Thanks for thinking of us when you’re making your vacation plans. 

Best regards,

Michael, Marietou and Zachary Satin