Housekeeper/Nanny/Cook: Monique Sagna

Monique has been an AMAZING housekeeper for my family during our time here in Senegal. She takes care of the cleaning, laundry, groceries, ironing, and she prepares meals for us twice a week and when requested. The food she cooks is outstanding! Any local dish we ask for and then she will also surprise us with recipes of her own. She also takes the dog out daily and helps out with our young toddler. I have nothing but great things to say about her. She has never missed a day of work and can handle any task given to her. She speaks French and Wolof and can understand some English. My wife does not speak French and has not had a problem communicating with her. My son adores her and spends time each day playing and chasing her around the house. We are really sad to be leaving and it feels like we are leaving a family member. I travel a lot with my family (2 weeks out of every month on average) so we also needed someone that could watch our 75 pound dog while we were gone. There was never an issue and my dog loves spending time with her.  We will be leaving at the end of April and she will be available at that time.  Monique has worked with many different American families and even went to the US with one family. Another reference is also listed below. I highly recommend Monique and encourage you to contact me with any questions that you may have @ You are welcome to contact her (774035565) or her daughter Patricia (775117937) as well.

Jason Armstrong, +221 777 451 838,

Monique Sagna has been a great nanny/housekeeper for our household from 2014-2016.  She is a very dependable and has not missed a day in her two years of employment.  She manages the cleaning, watching and playing with the children, cooks, and picks up groceries when needed.  She is a good cook, uses the grill, and likes to learn new recipes. I have never worried about the safety of my children when they are with her.  My son attends a half day preschool at ISD which she uses local transportation to pick him up; we never had any security concerns or issues regarding the methods of transportation.  She has worked with American families for a long time to include moving with one family to Nouakchott, then to the United States before returning to Senegal. I recommend Monique with full confidence.  She is an outstanding individual, nanny, housekeeper, and we will miss her.  Monique will be available around mid-July.  You are welcome to contact her (774035565) or her daughter Patricia (775117937).  She speaks fluent French, Wolof and a little English but has not had problems communicating with our family.  If you have any questions, you can contact me –