Domestic help available: Diallo

Excellent Guard/Driver looking for work  


When we moved to a smaller apartment we had to let our guard, Diallo, go and we would like to help him find some new work.  He is an excellent worker, smart and capable and responsible.  Diallo is a bit of jack-of-all-trades, he can find anything you need, do small household repairs, and is a passable gardener.   He also has is driver’s license and is interested in finding chauffer work as well.  He did not drive for us, he got his license shortly after we moved, but I imagine he would be a safe and responsible chauffeur. Diallo speaks French and Wolof and learned quite a bit of English while working with us,  I found him very easy to communicate with.  While working for us Diallo was responsible for paying our water, garbage and electricity bills, which he always did in a timely manner.  Perhaps my favorite thing about having Diallo work for us was how great he was with our kids.  Diallo often played soccer or tag with out two boys and they adored him. I wish Diallo could still work with us in our apartment building, we miss him and everything he did for our family.

If you want to contact Diallo directly you can call him at 77 448 5557