For kids: FSI Announces 2017 KidVid Contest

FSI Announces 2017 KidVid Contest

1.      The Foreign Service Institute (FSI), in collaboration with the Foreign Service Youth Foundation (FSYF), announces the twenty-second annual worldwide KIDVID Contest, open to children between the ages of 10 -18.  Contestants are asked to submit an original DVD that depicts life for Foreign Service youth at their post.  Winners will be awarded cash prizes and are invited to attend the annual FSYF Youth Award Ceremony held in the summer.  The contest is administered by the Overseas Briefing Center, a division of FSI‘s Transition Center.

2.      Foreign Service children and their parents rely on the Overseas Briefing Center and its online resources to research assignments and life at post.  One of OBC’s most popular resources is its collection of post audiovisuals, which depict the housing, schooling, recreational facilities, community, and city life.  KidVids, which are an integral part of the overall collection, communicate and highlight these same aspects from the viewpoint of the younger members of the Foreign Service Community.  KidVids illustrate what life will be like for youth at post.

3.      Content and technical guidelines follow; contest rules can be disseminated directly to potential contestants.

What would be of most interest to children and teens whose parents have been assigned to your post?  Examples should include:


a)     Major sights

b)     View of the city from a high point

c)     Local neighborhoods and shopping areas that you use

d)     Typical landscape, different animals (if applicable)


a)     Exterior and interior housing views (at least a couple of examples from different embassy neighborhoods, especially if housing differs considerably at various locations)

b)     View of a typical bedroom for different age groups

c)     Backyard or play areas for kids


a)     View of school buildings, playgrounds, and sports fields

b)     Classrooms, library, computer room, chemistry lab or other rooms of particular interest

c)     Short clips of school activities in progress (if at all possible), including students and teachers

d)     Special equipment in use

e)     Sports teams and facilities


a)     Where does your family buy groceries every week?  Are there good places to shop for clothes?

b)     Favorite shopping areas where you go with your family or can go to by yourself

Community life

a)     What kind of recreational activities do you have at your post?  Include examples such as pool, American Club, beaches, horseback riding, etc.

b)     How do you celebrate American holidays at post?

c)     What are the favorite restaurants in the city?  Do you have fast food restaurants like those in the United States?

d)     What are the biggest tourist attractions at your post?

e)     What is the Internet service like?  How are you able to communicate with friends?

4.      Contest Rules and Eligibility for Video Production

a.      Eligibility: Family members (ages 10-18) of USG direct-hire and contract employees who are assigned to the U.S. Mission.

b.      Contest procedures: It is requested that the Management Counselor/Officer or Community Liaison Office Coordinator advertise the contest at post.

c.      A camera-ready advertisement and a set of contest rules are available on the OBC OpenNet at http://tc.fsi.state.sbu/6861.

d.      Children can also view a fun-filled Prezi presentation that provides useful contest details and an interview with a previous KidVid winner, available on the Internet at:

e.      All posts are welcome to submit nominations.  Previous winners are welcome to enter again.  Boarding school students spending the holidays with parents at post are also welcome to participate.

f.       Entries must be submitted as a video via CD, DVD, thumb drive, SD card or other physical media compatible with U.S. (NTSC) standards.  The entry can be an MP4, WMV, AVI or other compatible file. Do not send electronically.  Before recording footage, be aware of any local restrictions on using a video camera in public.  Americans who are videotaped need to be informed of the purpose of the DVD (see paragraph 6) or visit http://tc.fsi.state.sbu/6861.

g.     Entries will be judged on the basis of the visual presentation as well as the narration describing the footage and life at post.  Narration should be provided throughout the entire video.  Audio clarity and volume consistency during coverage of content as well as a steady hand with the video recorder are also important.

h.      Music, graphics, and special effects may be used but are not required. We are not looking for professional quality productions; good home video quality is perfectly acceptable.  Technical quality is not as important as content.  A good product is one that gives a clear portrayal of a child’s/teen’s life at post.  Do not include copyright protected music or images as part of the final product.

i.       Ideal video length is between 15 and 20 minutes.

j.       We ask that adults provide minimal assistance in the video production.

k.      Multiple entries from different students at a post may be submitted to the contest.

l.       Group submissions are acceptable.  Be advised that group winners will have their prize money divided accordingly.

5.      The Foreign Service Youth Foundation, through a generous donation from Peake Management, Inc., will award cash prizes to the top winners.

6.      All submissions become the property of the Overseas Briefing Center and will not be returned to contestants.  The DVDs will be kept in the OBC and other Foreign Service reference libraries for use by employees and their family members who will be moving to the post.  Winning entries may also be added to the “members only” portion of the FSYF website at .

7.      Submissions must be accompanied by the following printed information from each student who participated in the production of the video using the form on http://tc.fsi.state.sbu/6861.



Parent Agency
Pouch Address
Parent’s Email Address
Grade and Age

8.      Contestants are required to include a statement that they acknowledge, have read, and understand the contest rules and uses for their video submission.  A form for this acknowledgement should be downloaded from http://tc.fsi.state.sbu/6861.

9.      Send contest submissions through the Diplomatic Pouch ONLY to the following address:

KIDVID Contest

Overseas Briefing Center


Room E2126 Shultz Center

Department of State Washington, DC 20522-4201

10.   Contest deadline: Submissions must be received in the Overseas Briefing Center by April 15, 2017. Contest winners will be announced by the end of May.

11.   Please make the KidVid Contest widely known at your post to maximize this opportunity for the young people of your community.  See the newsletter-ready flyer on the OBC Intranet website at http://tc.fsi.state.sbu/6861.

12.    Questions regarding the contest rules or guidelines can be directed by Department email (, phone, (703-302-7277), or fax (703-302-7452), to Maureen Johnston at the Overseas Briefing Center.

13.   For more information on other contests for Foreign Service youth, visit