Green Team: Recycling in Dakar

Recycling in Dakar

For those who grew up with a culture of recycling, throwing a can or bottle into a trashcan feel odd.  Until recently, we’ve had the option of bringing recyclables (aluminum, glass and plastic) to the embassy for pickup. However, GSO recently put out this notice:

Unfortunately, our recycling partner is no longer picking-up our recycling items.  Until we are able to find other options for recycling at the Embassy compound, we ask that you stop bringing items into the compound for recycling.  The bins are currently overflowing and there is no more capacity for aluminum, tin, plastic and glass.

If you want to avoid the gut-wrenching guilt of tossing a can into the trash, you can still separate your recyclables. Put them out with the regular trash, and they will be collected. Doing this accomplishes a few things. First, it keeps your recycling muscles toned; it is easy to fall out of the recycling habit. Second, it makes it easier for trash collectors to separate items; all of the trash is picked through at the distribution site, and items that can be reused are removed. By doing the separating, you are helping the sorters. And third, your household staff may want some of the bottles or jars for home, but they don’t want to dig through your trash.

If you know of a reasonable and reliable recycling center here in Dakar, for the love of all things holy, let us know about it: dkrgreenteam -at-