Housekeeper/Nanny: Nathalie Mendy

I have been living in Dakar for 2 years with my wife and kids and have employed a great nanny who is now looking for a new family since we left the country.

Nathalie, she is catholic, speaks French and Wolof, she is young but very experienced and can be fully trusted. She worked in a nursery for several years before becoming a nanny, then had 3 expatriates’ families as employer in Dakar and knows how to take care of an expat house and manage the staff working around (guards, gardeners…).

She took great care of our newborn baby born in Dakar, thanks to her experience in a nursery, she knows the way how to hold, change, give a bath and supervise very small babies. She also raised our daughter until her 3 years old and before she went to school, she spent a lot of time with her playing, interacting and teaching her language, counting, colors, social skills, we could see the impact on her development and French language skills. My wife who is usually very reluctant to leave the kids with someone else was fully trusting her to babysit them anytime, even our new born.

Last points, she can cook and she makes an excellent yassa poulet,she did housekeeping very well while my daughter went to preschool but we then decided to hire a separate housekeeper that she managed so she could focus fully her attention on our newborn baby

We hired her through an employment company so that she can be fully covered. I strongly recommend her for a full-time nanny (note that she does not want to be living in the house, but she can do baby-sittings and weekends and is very flexible for that).

Her contacts: Nathalie Mendy
+221 76 609 33 07
+221 77 094 32 54