Bandia Reserve, where the monkey stole my pizza…


The Bandia wildlife reserve is a real ecological jewel in the crown of Senegal. It has succeeded in reintroducing much of the marvelous native flora and of some of Africa’s best loved animals, many of which had gradually disappeared, some of them centuries ago, due to demographic pressure and poaching. In the grandiose setting of giant baobabs, thorny scrub and lush vegetation, you will get a heart stopping sight of big antelopes and gazelles in their herds. All this lies within the 3,500 hectares of fenced natural habitat.

Bandia lies 65km from Dakar and 15km from Saly-Portugal (the seaside resort town on the “Petite Côte”) on the main road (N1) to Mbour and Casamance.

Visitors can get around the reserve in a private car or four wheel drive vehicle or in the reserve’s own safari trucks which can be hired on site. If you do not have your own transport, then you can sign up to one of the visits organised by the major hotels in Saly or Dakar. Hiring one of their guides is required, yet they are matchless in their ability to spot a baby giraffe, a vulture’s nest, or a lone buffalo.

You will get close to most of the animals : a real treat for photographers! You will also be able to get out and walk at times and may even get a closer look at a rhinoceros hidden in the bush, but stay inside around male ostriches (with the black and white plumage) who are often aggressive especially in the mating season.

Mmmmm…. Pizza!

After the tour, you can visit the restaurant and bar overlooking a waterhole where buffaloes wallow and crocodiles lurk looking like floating logs. Featured at the restaurant are some of the best prepared game meats around, including an Antelope burger! Who knew? But be careful, as lurking not far off are some of the local monkeys, who WILL steal your food if you look the other way!


Adults  12,000 F cfa (18,5 €)

Children 12 and under: 7,000 F cfa (10,5 €)

Use outside vehicle (personal,taxi,car) 10,000 Fcfa (15 €)

Safari truck rental with up to 11 seats 40,000 F cfa (61 €)

up to 25 seats 60,000 F cfa (91 €)

Guide (compulsory) 6,500 Fcfa/véhicule (10 €)

More info:

Sindia, Senegal

Telephone : 33 958 2024/  77 556 5927 / 77 565 5556

Fax : (221) 33 832 8610