Housekeeper/Cook: Silvie Coly

I would like to wholeheartedly recommend Ms. Silvie Coly, who has worked as a part-time housekeeper for me the past three years.  Silvie is very adept at cleaning of all sorts, laundry, ironing, and taking care of my cat when I travel.  She is an exquisite cook, with both Senegalese and American dishes as part of her repertoire.  I would ask her to make a dish, leave her the money to buy ingredients and voila!  The next time she will have made it, brought me the change with receipt, and left me with dinner ready to be served.  She has been completely honest and trustworthy.  She has a wonderful disposition.  She hasn’t missed a day of work in three years.  She has worked for many Embassy singles and couples in the Almadies neighborhood, and may be available to work elsewhere.  She is fluent in French and Wolof, and speaks a little English.  Silvie can be reached at 776 526 512, and is available immediately.  (Recommended by Emily Rosenberg)