Part-time gardener/pet handler: Seydou Banse

Excellent part-time gardener/pet handler available! Seydou Banse has been working for our family since October. Every day he sweeps and cleans our driveway, waters the flowers, and does planting and weeding. He is also an excellent pet-handler. He takes our dog for a walk every day, washes him once a week, and plays with him in the garden while we are at work. He also takes care of our dog and cat while we are on leave. He also takes great care of the car, washing it regularly in side and out. Seydou is punctual, polite, and humble and gets along very well with our other staff and is great with our children. Seydou has worked with other American families for the last eight years, and used to maintain a community garden at Ebbets Field. Seydou speaks French and his phone number is 77-404-1052 or 78-130-5643. Please also feel free to contact Marybeth – – for a reference.