Housekeeper/nanny: Kiné

I would like to recommend our househelper, Kiné! Kiné has worked with American expat and US Embassy families for the past 10 years and for a French family for many years before that, so she is well experienced in the runnings of an expat household. She is very responsible and and great at independently coming up with ways to help out. She can completely take over if you need her to, cleaning, organizing deliveries, supervising repair personnel,  etc. Her real magic though is with the 5 and under crowd. My kids adore her. They can spend hours playing with her. She doesn’t just supervise them, but sits with them painting, making play doh worlds, playing baby dolls or racing matchbox cars.  She has taken care of infants from birth on, taking full responsibility for sterilizing and making bottles, even carrying for babies and young children for weeks at a time while the parents traveled. She has been a huge asset and true friend to our family! You can contact me with any questions and to see past letters of recommendation at, or Kinè directly at 77 365 7010.