Recommendation: Maam Samba

In wandering around Ngor, we ran across a little jewel of a store not far from the Ngor circle that many people don’t seem to know about. It’s called Maam Samba, and it has stuff of better quality than you find in other places, as well as a little coffee shop out back.  The attractive, well-organized store carries clothes, household textiles, jewelry, and gift items made by the villagers of Ndem.  All the items are well made, the colors are good, and the design and structure of the clothes is more Western than often found locally.  The Maam Samba project was funded by a consortium of European donors and all items meet fair trade requirements.  To find the store, go north on the Route de Ngor.  There is a small red sign for Maam Samba about one block from the Ngor rond-pointe; turn right and Maam Samba will be one block in on your right.  The phone number is 77-191-50-1217.

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