Employment: Human Resources Assistant / USAID / FSN/2016/05


DATE:                       April 11, 2016


TO:                           All Qualified Applicants


GRADE:                     FSN-9 with the possibility of hiring the employee at the lower grade

Note:  Due to the number of applications we receive, only applicants who have been short listed will be contacted by USAID.


USAID/Senegal Human Resources Section is responsible for providing the full range of management and administrative services required to support the USAID/Senegal Bilateral and Regional Mission including Non-Presence Countries (Niger, Burkina, Chad, and Mauritania). The position is located in the Human Resource Section of the Executive Office (EXO).  Under the supervision of the Human Resources Specialist, the incumbent is responsible for providing a wide variety of human resources functions dealing with the designated Technical Offices in the Bilateral or Regional Mission including Non Presence Countries (NPC).

The incumbent designated teams are: The Regional Legal Office, Health Population and Nutrition Office, General Development Office, Executive Office, Food for Peace, Office of Foreign Disaster, Niger, and Mauritania.


1) RECRUITMENT PROCESS AND CONTRACTING                                                  50%

a) As Human Resources representative on mission teams assists the assigned offices in identifying their workforce needs and works with them in preparing necessary scopes of work (for US or TCN PSCs) or Position Descriptions (for FSNs).

b) As the primary resource on classification matters, reviews Position Descriptions submitted for accuracy, clarity and completeness. Reviews position classification package elements, obtains additional information (if needed) and conducts needed interviews with incumbent or/and the supervisor prior to preparing and submitting package to the Regional Classification Center (RCC) for (re)classification in MCLASS.

c) Prepares job vacancy announcements for distribution to all channels used: La Palabre, local newspapers, Agency Notice, Federal Business Opportunities-FBO (if applicable) by summarizing the duties and responsibilities and required qualifications of the position for ultimate clearance, approval and distribution.

d) With the Technical Evaluation Committee Chairperson, performs preliminary screening of all applications received, based on position criteria, in response to job vacancy announcement and determines those that meet criteria.

e) Coordinates required interviews and skill test(s) for short-listed applicants.

f) Collects all information needed to start Security clearance process and liaises with Embassy RSO to obtain the clearance.

g) Coordinates with USAID medical contractor to schedule appointment for the medical clearance exams.

h) Prepares initial contracts and contract modifications in accordance with regulations for all employees in coordination with the Office of Financial Management. Prepares contract negotiation memorandum and checklist.

i) Composes a variety of personnel communications – letters, memoranda, certifications – in connection with FSN employment as necessary or requested by the Human Resources Specialists for clearance.

j) Follows employee Performance during probationary periods and Performance Evaluation Reports: The incumbent is responsible for the LE Staff performance evaluation process and will:

– Monitor the 6 month probationary period of all new hires and ensure that the Supervisors are fully aware of the options for the termination of underperforming LE Staff during or at the end of the probationary period as per the Local Compensation Plan, Locally Engaged Staff Handbook and local labor law.

k) Process all types of LE Staff personnel actions for appointments, reassignments, changes in data elements, changes in work schedule, changes in hours, terminations, resignations, within-grade increases, promotions.

-Verify fiscal data with Financial Management Office (FMO)

– Distribute copies of personnel action to the individual employees as required.  Provide information to employees on personnel action procedures and forms.


a) FSN Evaluation Program:

  • Drafts or edits and transmits requests for regular, interim or other Work Plans and Performance Evaluation Reports (PER) for Foreign Service National staff, providing all needed information to assist employees and supervisors with the discharge of this responsibility.
  • Drafts and transmits notices on overdue reports, and prepares related lists. Establish or modify rating cycles, keep abreast of changes in supervisors, reassignments, LWOP, and other actions affecting the rating cycle, and modify the related database records to ensure the maintenance of accurate and up-to-date information.
  • Responds to general questions and provides information to assist employees and/or supervisors in completing reports. Reviews completed reports to ensure accurate and thorough completion, requests or explains necessary modifications, processes completed reports, and updates the database accordingly.
  • Prepares related ad hoc lists or reports, as requested.

 b) Awards:

  • Is responsible of managing his/her designated teams’ award during the Mission’s various incentive Award programs (Cash Awards, Meritorious Step Increase, Safe Driving Award, Length of Service Certificates, On-the-Spot-Awards).
  • Collects, reviews and screens award nominations, advise on criteria for awards, checks nominations for compliance with regulations, obtains funding and approval from the Mission Award Committee and the Embassy Joint Country Award Committee.
  • Maintains complete and up-to-date information related to Mission and post awards for employees.


a) US Employees’ Benefits:

  • Assists the Human Resources Specialist on US employee benefits, which include, but are not limited to, Health Benefits, Temporary Continuation Coverage (TCC) for dependent children who reach the age of 21, Life Insurance, TSP, Retirement and SF-1190 Foreign Service Allowance Application, etc.
  • Keep abreast of the most recent rules and regulations regarding these benefits. Counsels and responds to the inquiries of USDH employees and guides the completion of, and processes the appropriate forms through USAID/W.  Follow up on delays or any problems that may arise. Serve as advisor and assistant to US employees on personnel issues and processes related requests to respective offices in USAID/W. Maintains thorough knowledge of policies, procedures, rules and regulations, and keeps sources of information handy.  Refers to USAID handbooks and related ADS, established regulations, and precedents to extract applicable rules to counsel employees.  May refer to USAID/W for guidance if answers are not found within available material, and establishes the response as precedent for future reference.

Reviews SF-1190, Foreign Service Allowance Application, for all USDH and Off-shore USPSC staff to ensure that data and requested obligations are correctly reflected on the form.

b) USDH Employee Evaluation Program (AEF):

Provides administrative support for the annual AEF process and prepares the handbook to include all information related to the process.  Maintains a log for tracking documents.  Submits all evaluations to USAID/W.

The incumbent will be cross trained to share responsibility for providing backup to the other HR Assistant during his/her absences and perform other duties as assigned by supervisor.


Assists the HR Specialist and Training Coordinator in coordinating training program for the Mission.


a) Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Personnel Management and Administration or related area is required.

b) Prior Work Experience: :  Five (5) years of progressive experience in Human Resources or Administration management is required. Two (2) years of the experience within a U.S. Government Agency or in a large International Organization is highly desirable.

c) Language Proficiency: Level IV English and French is required.

d) Job Knowledge: A thorough knowledge of the Interagency Handbook on Local Employee Compensation, Personnel Services Contracts, USAID, State Department and associated agency Personnel Manuals and Regulations.  Comprehensive knowledge of USAID Travel and Transportation guidelines is desired. Must be particularly knowledgeable of the FAR and AIDAR as these relate to the employment of Personal Services Contractors.  A practical knowledge of Agency policies, regulations, and procedures and related HR management requirements dealing with training for FSN, USDH and PSC employees to interpret regulations so as to make training recommendations to Mission employees based on the need of the employee, applicable precedent and expected effectiveness of the proposed training, Thorough knowledge of Senegalese Labor and Social Security laws and regulations required as well as prevailing customs and practices as they apply to compensation, retirement and other phases of personnel management.  Must possess a detailed and comprehensive knowledge of U.S. and Foreign Service National Personnel systems (leave, classification, promotion, training, retirement)..

e) Skills and Abilities: Good managerial skills, ability to inspire confidence in employees and have excellent working relationships with employees and supervisors. Good negotiation skills in personnel management required. Must be able to explain and enforce policies, procedures, and standards for all HR and logistical support operations and provide administrative services to a highly diversified workforce.  Must be able to explain, advocate and negotiate with individuals and groups internally and externally.  Ability to develop an extensive professional network with other Human Resources officials in other organizations. Ability to organize work, prioritize and maintain confidentiality of personnel matters is a must. Must be able to set priorities and solve personnel problems, conflict resolution with tact and diplomacy.  Must have very good writing skills and the ability to draft clear and concise personnel documents with tact and diplomacy. Excellent knowledge of computer programs (Word, Excel, Access, Visio…) is required.


Supervision Received: This position reports directly to the Human Resources Specialist (HRS). However, s/he may receive guidance from the D/REXO and the S/REXO who assigns work in terms of goals and objectives to be attained. Work is reviewed for conformance to policy and effectiveness

a. Supervision Exercised: Position is non-supervisory.

b. Available Guidelines: Mission Orders, Mission Notices, Foreign Affairs Manuals, Foreign Affairs Handbooks, ADS FSN Personnel Administration Handbook, Travel and Transportation Manual, Local Compensation Plan, AIDAR, Procurement Regulations, Host Country Laws and Host Country Labor Codes.

c. Exercise of Judgment: Considerable amount of good judgment is required in meeting with country officials, screening job applications, conducting interviews, and discussing personal problems with employees. Must be able to set priorities and solve personnel related problems, conflict resolution, during interviews with tact and diplomacy

d. Nature, Level, and Purpose of Contacts: :  To effectively function in this position, the incumbent will be required to establish and maintain solid working relationships with all levels of USG Mission personnel, Inspection of Labor Officials, IPRES and CSS Officials, AID/W, AID/SEC, M/HR and State HR and RSO Officials..

e. Time Expected to Reach Full Performance Level: twelve months.

HOW TO APPLY:  Interested applicants with existing Senegalese Work Permits or who possess Senegalese Work Permits MUST submit a complete application package which includes:

All the above mentioned documents are REQUIRED and must be prepared in English and should be addressed to:

Human Resources Management Specialist

Routes des Almadies

B.P. 49 –   Dakar, Senegal


Email address:  usaiddakar-hr@usaid.gov

Subject: FSN 2016/05 HR Assistant

Deadline to receive applications:  May 2, 2016

EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY:  The US Mission in Senegal provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation. USAID/Senegal also strives to achieve equal employment opportunity in all personnel operations through continuing diversity enhancement programs.

 The EEO complaint procedure is not available to individuals who believe they have been denied equal opportunity based upon marital status or political affiliation. Individuals with such complaints should avail themselves of the appropriate grievance procedures, remedies for prohibited personnel practices, and/or courts for relief.