Employment: FLO Program Specialist (Employment) GS-301-09

1. The following is an announcement of a vacancy in the Family Liaison Office (M/DGHR/FLO).  Please publish widely throughout your mission and provide a copy to family members who are returning to Washington, DC and are interested in employment.  The application deadline for this position is 11:59 p.m. EST, April 08, 2016.  

2. Title: Employment Program Specialist, Family Liaison Office M/DGHR/FLO), GS-301-09, full time, two-year limited appointment, with potential to be extended up to a maximum of five years, Excepted Service, Schedule A.  This appointment is not in the Competitive Service.  The selected candidate will receive a two-year Non-Career term appointment with benefits (FERS, TSP, FEGLI and FEHB).

3. Summary: The position is located in the Family Liaison Office (FLO), Bureau of Human Resources, Department of State.  The incumbent of this position is responsible for supporting a wide variety of family member employment programs and initiatives related to inside- and outside-the-mission employment overseas, professional development opportunities, and returning to Washington.  The incumbent reports to the Employment Program Coordinator.  This position is located in Washington, D.C. and may require some travel.

4. The Family Liaison Office was established in 1978 to improve the quality of life of Foreign Service employees and their family members.  The FLO assists both employees and family members in the areas of family member employment, educational counseling, crisis support, unaccompanied tours, and expeditious naturalization.  FLO provides support to evacuees from overseas missions, is the functional office for the worldwide Community Liaison Office program, and organizes Washington and overseas training conferences annually.  FLO produces numerous publications and electronic media and FLO staff participate in numerous presentations in FSI courses, to other agency personnel, and to post communities overseas.  You may research information about FLO on our Intranet web site:

(http://intranet.hr.state.sbu/OFFICES/FLO/Pages/default.aspx) or via internet at: (www.state.gov/flo).

5. The Family Liaison Office serves employees and family members not only from the Department of State, but also fields questions and makes referrals for many agencies with personnel abroad including the U.S. Agency for International Development, the Foreign Commercial Service, the Justice Department, and Peace Corps, among others.

6. Key Requirements:

A.  U.S. Citizenship.

B. Ability to obtain and maintain a Top Secret security     clearance.

7.  Major Duties:

A. Provides client services, including information, resources, referrals and guidance in the subject area covered by the portfolio. B. Serves as liaison with offices, bureaus, and organizations, both internal and external, that partner with the portfolio in providing client services.C. Communicates with colleagues, other offices and bureaus, to gather and analyze information about agency processes and programs. D. Writes reports, letters, and other documents with recommendations for management programs, policies, and activities. E. Performs program support work, such as planning, research, analysis, correspondence control, communication, and liaison. F. Carries out special projects, facilitating open exchange of ideas and collaboration among colleagues.  G. Developing and collecting statistics to help FLO develop an advocacy agenda.

8.  Qualifications (ranking factors).  The successful candidate must have:

A. A minimum of three years of experience living in a Foreign Service community abroad as an Eligible Family Member (EFM) or Member of Household (MOH).

B. The ability to research, interpret, and apply complex government regulations.

C. The ability to write clearly and concisely on technical and non-technical matters.

D. The ability to handle multiple tasks under time constraints, such as a high volume of customer inquiries and fast-moving program requirements, balancing competing priorities.

E. The ability to collaborate with others in a team environment, with strong internal, and external customer service skills.

F. Experience at an intermediate level with Microsoft Office Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Word, and Outlook and ability to conduct online research.

Availability is a key factor.

9.  How to Apply:

Interested individuals may submit one of the following: an Application for Employment as a Locally Employed Staff or Family Member (DS-174), or a Federal resume (see important instructions for submitting a resume at the end of this announcement).  Note: there is no vacancy announcement number; please reference the position title: Program Support Officer, GS-301-09.

In addition, each candidate must submit a supplemental statement that addresses each of the qualifications (ranking factors) in paragraph 8 and explains in detail how the applicant’s experience (paid or unpaid), education or special training relates to those qualifications.  Please include your name and the title and grade of the position for which you are applying. Applications that are incomplete or mailed in government postage-paid envelopes will not be considered.

Please note that because all Family Liaison Office positions are in the Excepted Service, neither past nor current Federal nor executive order eligibility is required.  However, if applicants have government employment status or eligibilities, it is helpful to document this in the application to assist in determining the level of skills and abilities of each candidate.

SUMMARY OF REQUIRED APPLICATION ELEMENTS:  In summary, you must include ALL of the following.  If ANY item is missing or incomplete, your application cannot be considered:

A. A DS-174, a Federal resume, or any other format that contains ALL of the required elements listed in paragraph 13 of this announcement; NOTE: these forms or formats can be found on the internet;

B. “Supplemental Statement” addressing EACH of the Qualifications and Ranking Factors IN DETAIL;

C. For Federal employees (including former employees and those on INWS):

1.    Most recent Performance Appraisal Report or EER (even if several years old), or if one does not exist, a form DS-1812 or equivalent Form from another agency;

2.    Most recent SF-50 (even if several years old); and

3.    All non-competitive eligible candidates should submit proof of eligibility.

D. For those applicants without Federal employment experience, performance appraisals are optional; and

E. Veterans must demonstrate proof of eligibility by submitting their DD-214 (member copy 4) along with their SF-15 and VA Letter (if applicable).

10.  Send applications to Susan Clark-Pothier, HRSS/SEU by fax at (843)202-3807 or by email to HRSEU@state.gov.  Please indicate in the email subject line “FLO Application – PROGRAM Specialist (Employment), GS-301-09” to ensure applications are routed correctly.  Applications may also be sent to Susan Clark-Pothier, HR/SS/SC, 1999 Dyess Avenue, Building E, Charleston, SC 29405.  The application must be received by 11:59 p.m. EST, April 08, 2016.  If there are any questions regarding this announcement, please contact Gabrielle Hampson, Division Chief, M/DGHR/FLO, at (202)647-1076 or HampsonGA@state.gov.  Applicants may want to email, cable or fax (202-647-1670) their intention to apply to Ms. Hampson.

11.  Evaluation Method:  The determination of basic eligibility is based upon review of the federal application or resume and supplemental statement.  It is imperative that the information provided be in sufficient detail to permit accurate evaluation of eligibility and background as they relate to the qualification requirements listed in the announcement.  Competition for vacancies in the Family Liaison Office is very keen.

12. Privacy Act Information:  The Office of Personnel Management and other Federal agencies rate applicants for Federal jobs under the authority of sections 1104, 1302, 3301, 3304, 3320, 3361, 3393, and 3394 of title 5 of the United States Code.  The information requested is needed to evaluate your qualifications.  Other laws require inquiring about citizenship, military service, etc.

13. Information for those who wish to submit a resume: Please note that although neither the format nor a particular application form is specified, there is certain information that applicants must provide in order to determine if the legal requirements for Federal employment have been met and to evaluate one’s qualifications.  If a resume format is used, it must contain the following information for the applicant to be considered for the position:


A. Full name, mailing address (with zip code), and day and evening phone numbers, including area code;

B. Social Security Number;

C. Country of citizenship (most Federal jobs require U.S. citizenship);

D. Veteran’s preference (proof of eligibility is required);

E. Highest Federal civilian grade held, including series, beginning, and ending dates;

F. Name, city, and state of last high school attended and date of diploma or GED; and

G. Name and state of colleges and universities attended; major fields of study, type and year of any degrees received (if no degree, show total number of credits earned, and indicate whether they are in quarter or semester hours).


Applicants must provide information on their work experience, both paid and non-paid, that is related to the position for which they are applying, including:

A. Job Title (series and grade if Federal employment);

B. Duties and accomplishments;

C. Employer’s name and address;

D. Supervisor’s name and telephone number (indicate if we may contact your current supervisor);

E. Starting and ending dates of employment (month/year);

F. Hours worked per week;

G. Salary;

H. Any other qualifications, including: job-related training (title and date of course), skills (e.g. languages, typing speed, and computer software/hardware), current licenses, or honors, awards, and special accomplishments (e.g. honor societies, publications); and

I. Date available.

14.  For additional guidance on the preparation and submission of an application for a U.S. government position, applicants may contact the Department of State Career Development Resources Center (CDRC).  This service is available at no cost to employees and family members of U.S. government employees serving overseas under chief of mission authority. The intranet website is


The CDRC can be contacted via telephone at 202-663-3042 or via email at CDRC@state.gov.  The CDRC is located at SA- 1, Room L321, Columbia Plaza, 2401 E St. NW, Washington, DC 20520.

15.  Minimize considered.