Green Team: Dust

Where is all this dust coming from?

Do you sometimes feel like do matter how much you clean, you are losing the battle against dust in your home? It isn’t your fault – new research has shown that the Earth is now twice as dusty as it was in the 19th century. The study found that “desert dust and climate influence each other directly and indirectly through a host of intertwined systems. Dust limits the amount of solar radiation that reaches the Earth, for example, a factor that could mask the warming effects of increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide. It also can influence clouds and precipitation, leading to droughts; which, in turn, leads to desertification and more dust.”



Dust in the home and workplace can cause all kinds of problems, from being an annoyance to aggravating allergies. And as the study above has shown, dust is not going to go away. Here are a simple few tips to help reduce dust in your home:


  • Have a doormat. Wiping feet is an easy way to keep the dust outside and reduce your home cleaning time.
  • Take your shoes off. Leaving your shoes at the door further reduces dust while keeping wear and tear of carpets and floors to a minimum.
  • Use door sweeps. Installing door sweeps keep dust out and air conditioning in. This will also help lower your electricity bill and your carbon footprint.
  • If you vacuum, clean the air filter every time. Cleaning the vacuum bag and filter every time helps to ensure that dust isn’t spewed back into the air. This makes your vacuum more efficient and will reduce the time and energy you spend on the task.


Random Green Product of the Day


A green idea that gives you a great hand workout as well. Charge your iPhone by a hand grip! This concept is called “You Can Work It Out”, designed by Mac Funamizu.